Full Lip Gloss Collection (5pcs)

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Our Full Lip Gloss Collection includes all 5 shades of our beautiful Lip Glosses at a discounted price.

The 5 Lip Glosses include:

  • ’Sweet Tea’ - clear lip gloss with a gold shimmer
  • ‘Dreamy’ - baby pink/peach gloss
  • ‘Royalty’ - pink/brown nude gloss
  • ‘Baddie’ - warm chestnut brown gloss
  • ‘Drama’ - bold, strawberry red gloss

This set is amazing value and is perfect for MUA’s or for anyone who wants to experience all 5 shades of our glosses.

  • Vegan & Cruelty-free
  • Made in Australia
  • 5ml each

Please note: As our gloss is not a sticky formula, pigment separation may occur in tube when product is still for long periods of time or in cold environments. To fix simply use the lip gloss applicator to stir the product around and apply as normal!

For ingredient info please view each individual gloss product pages.