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Our extra soft Beauty Sponge is perfect to be used damp or dry to apply or blend out cream or liquid makeup products such as foundation, concealer, blush & more! Our sponge can also be used dry to apply powder products such as setting powder to bake & set the face or to apply blush & other powder products.

The corner of the sponge helps blend product in hard to reach areas. The sponge also has flat side to assist in the makeup application process.


  • Can be used damp or dry
  • Gives an airbrushed finish to the skin
  • Extremely soft
  • Reusable
  • Easy to clean
  • Latex-free


  • Sponge can be used damp or dry. To use dry, sponge is ready for use straight out of packaging. To use damp, run the sponge under cold water and squeeze, this allows water to get into the sponge which increases the size. Once the entire sponge is wet, gently squeeze sponge to remove excess water. Use a paper towel if needed. Sponge is best used damp not wet.
  • For cream products: Apply product to face and use sponge to blend OR disperse product onto sponge and apply & blend the product. Use a stamping motion for more coverage.
  • For powder products: Pick up product with sponge and apply onto face, blending if needed.

How to clean:

  • Run the sponge under warm water and squeeze to remove makeup.
  • Use a hand soap and rub onto the sponge where makeup is visible, squeeze sponge and you will see makeup drain out.
  • Rinse under warm water again and repeat process until no more makeup is visible.
  • Allow to air-dry.
  • Be very careful when handling the sponge, especially when wet as any nails or strong pulling or squeezing can damage the sponge. 


Polyurethane - non-toxic, latex-free & suitable for all skin types.

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