How To Clean Your Strip Lashes

Did you know you can actually reuse your strip lashes around 20 times with good care?! We're about to teach you how!


First of all, from the day you first open your new set of RBB Lashes, we recommend taking good care of them. Be gentle when removing them from the box so you don't tear the lash band or pull out any lashes. 


When applying your lashes, be careful not to get glue on the false lashes, only on the lash band! If you use mascara to blend the false lashes with your natural lashes, only use a small amount and focus on the base of the lashes, not the ends, as it will make the lashes look clumpy and ruin the style. 


After each use, gently remove the lashes from your eye, we recommend pulling lightly from the outer corner to the inner corner being careful not to tear the lash band. Use your fingers or tweezers to careful remove any glue from the lash band. To make sure you don't misplace your lashes, put them back in our sparkly cases!


Now, onto the deep clean. We recommend doing this after every few uses! 


You will need:

- Your RBB Lashes

- Tweezers (optional - check out our set!)

- Micellar Water

- A small bowl

- Spoolie

- Paper Towel


Step 1. Put your lashes in a small bowl, pour micellar water into the bowl until the lashes are covered and let soak for 5 minutes.

Step 2. Remove lashes from bowl and put onto paper towel. Use your fingers or tweezers to remove any lash glue from the lash band.

Step 3. To remove any lash glue or mascara from the lashes, use the spoolie and brush through the lashes. You should start to see the product coming off onto the paper towel. Be careful not to pull out any lashes. 

Step 4. If there is any stubborn product you can repeat this process or soak overnight. 

Step 5. Brush through lashes and allow to air dry. Return to lash case. 


All done! Your lashes are ready to wear. We recommend deep cleaning your lashes every few uses. When lashes start to fall out or lash band tears we recommend replacing them with a fresh set!